What You Need To Know About The Playstation 4 DNS Server Code Source The Wall St Journal title How To Enable DNS Lookup On Your Xbox One To Keep It Safe From Malicious DNS Channels

Microsoft will announce next week its latest and greatest feature for its Xbox One gaming console.The new feature is called “DNS Security.”In short, the feature is a DNS Security feature that will keep your Xbox One from being used as a DNS host by malicious DNS servers.DNS security is important for everyone.It means that your Xbox one will always be […]

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How to get your Xbox and Xbox Live Gold games to work on Windows 10

Microsoft is now rolling out the next major update to Windows 10, the most recent of which is Windows 10 Anniversary Update (KB 2978797).This update will bring Windows 10 to a wider range of devices, and will be rolling out across the rest of the world in a gradual manner.The update is the first big milestone in Microsoft’s efforts to […]

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Xbox, Google’s public DNS settings, update for XBox 360

Microsoft has updated its public DNS servers on its Xbox 360 game console to the latest versions of the latest version of its Java and Python programs, which it has dubbed “Microsoft’s public dnscrypt.”The update was made available today to Xbox 360 owners who purchased the console on or before November 29, according to a Microsoft blog post on its […]

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