How to setup a custom domain over TLS and MxtoolBox to redirect traffic to your own site

By default, CenturyLink dns will try to redirect your website to a proxy server if you’re using a custom certificate, such as the OpenSSL or PEM version.However, you can configure CenturyLink DNS to redirect any website to your proxy server.In this guide, we’ll show you how to configure your CenturyLink Domain Controller to redirect the DNS over TLS.For more information […]

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When it comes to hosting, it pays to be on the go, writes Google’s Mike W. McDevitt

When it came to hosting a website, Google decided to change its DNS service provider last year.While the move wasn’t entirely unexpected, it was a major blow to the company’s DNS traffic.Google’s decision to switch to a different DNS provider was met with widespread disappointment from its users.Google’s DNS was the best DNS provider available, but it still had a […]

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