Google’s latest data breach is big business: Feds’ report

Posted December 08, 2017 09:27:23 The Federal Government’s latest report on data breaches and cybercrime shows that Google, Facebook and other major internet companies are now among the biggest offenders in the nation’s biggest data breaches.It found the largest breach, which affected over 400 million Australians, was Google’s data breach in 2014 and the second largest breach was that of […]

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Why Google will ditch the DNS and use OpenDNS

Google has been slowly rolling out new features to its search engine over the last few months, including the ability to search for sites using the Google Dns command.However, Google’s DNS will no longer be accessible to users, according to the company.Instead, the search giant has made the switch to OpenDns, which it hopes will allow users to easily search […]

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Google DNS issues update on DDoS attacks, status, updated status

Updated Feb. 10, 2019 08:18:28 Google issued a DNS update that temporarily removed the DDoS protection on its DNS servers in response to a large number of requests that began to flood the network.The company said it is taking steps to improve DNS service in the coming days, including making the DNS server addresses available to all sites and allowing […]

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