How to find DNS lookup errors on Linux, using the Google Chrome DNS lookup command

The Google Chrome web browser’s DNS lookup feature, which has been used by many popular sites for years, was made available to users of Linux this week, making it the default search engine for the OS.Google released the DNS lookup service in June and said it would continue to support it in the future.“For those that don’t know, the Google […]

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Google dns proxy blocked a VPN server and then used google proxy to access the network

Google’s new privacy policy changes a little bit for the first time in several years, with the company now promising that all users will be able to “unblock the internet from anyone and everyone” by using a Google proxy service.The changes come in a new section called “DNS proxy settings,” where Google has a few additional things to worry about: […]

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Australian ISP’s new search engine, DNS lookup, Google is about to be launched.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been testing Google’s DNS lookup service for several months, and the company is now offering it to Australians for $10 a month.The service is based on a service Google introduced in December 2015 that lets users search for DNS records on the internet using their phone or laptop.The Australian Competition & Consumer […]

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