How to prevent DNS leaks with Tor and other tools

Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) is the default Tor client.It is built with OpenSSL, but Tor Browser bundle is designed for people who have no experience with OpenSSH or the Tor protocol.It uses a different algorithm than the one used by Tor Browser and is built to be faster, which makes it more secure than a modern version of OpenSSHD.It has […]

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‘Titanic’ director on making ‘totally epic’ sequel (Part 2)

(Part 1) In a recent interview with Variety, writer-director Tom Hooper revealed that his next project, “Titanica,” will take place in the aftermath of a catastrophic meteor strike.In an interview with MTV News, Hooper said that he had been writing the screenplay for two months, and that the film was already well into production.“It’s basically a sequel to ‘Titans,’” Hooper […]

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