XBox One Wireless Controller support coming in XBox Wireless Controller update

USA Today article The Xbox Wireless Controller will have a new feature that will let users easily change the color of the wireless controller.According to the report, the update will be rolled out in the next week.This feature is designed to make it easier to quickly switch between different colors on the controller, and it is the only way to […]

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How to use xbox dnscard to update DNS settings

xbox: How to update your DNS settings on your Xbox One console.In the Xbox app, navigate to the settings menu.Tap Network & Settings.In the next screen, tap Network & Network Setup.Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.Tap “Internet & Wireless”.Tap “DNS”.In the next window, tap “Dns”.In this window, select the desired DNS server(s) from the list.Select “Use DNS Server” from options.Tap […]

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