Google announces Google DNS Tunneling for Android and iOS, but not for MacOS

Google is preparing to open up its DNS servers to apps on iOS and Android, but it doesn’t mean the service will disappear entirely from the web.The new version of Google DNS, which is being called Google DNS Server, will allow apps to send and receive DNS requests over the network.Google said the service is a “new and exciting way […]

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When Will We Know How Many Websites Are Tracing Each Device?

By Michael J. Matthews, ReutersWASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of websites tracking devices has grown by 1.1 million since January, according to a new report by the American Association of Governmental Organizations (AAGO).The AAAO study, released on Thursday, said the number of sites that track devices has risen by 466,000 since January 2015, to 2.8 million.The number is likely higher […]

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