Verizon dns Servers Have Been Used For DDoS Attacks For Years, New Report Shows

A new report claims that Verizon has been using its DNS servers to send out spam, including to servers in the United States, and to be used to send phishing emails, as reported by BuzzFeed News.The report, titled DDoS Attackers’ DNS Servers Are Being Used For Malware-Based DDoS attacks , alleges that the networks used by the Verizon network have […]

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Google dns proxy blocked a VPN server and then used google proxy to access the network

Google’s new privacy policy changes a little bit for the first time in several years, with the company now promising that all users will be able to “unblock the internet from anyone and everyone” by using a Google proxy service.The changes come in a new section called “DNS proxy settings,” where Google has a few additional things to worry about: […]

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