How to use your new PlayStation 4 console for a new adventure

A brand-new adventure game that will let you play through a new side quest on PlayStation 4 has arrived on Google Play, with a launch window of March 5.The game is titled, The Sport, and it’s set to arrive with a free update later this month.The app will be available in the Play Store at launch, and a launch date […]

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DNS request: US government wants a look at Russian network of proxies

US federal prosecutors want a look into the activities of a Russian military-intelligence-backed network of proxy servers, including those of a company known as Red Onion, a former Soviet intelligence unit.The Russian-American firm, which was founded by former KGB agents and is the subject of an investigation by the FBI, is also accused of using the service to create fake […]

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When Will We Know How Many Websites Are Tracing Each Device?

By Michael J. Matthews, ReutersWASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of websites tracking devices has grown by 1.1 million since January, according to a new report by the American Association of Governmental Organizations (AAGO).The AAAO study, released on Thursday, said the number of sites that track devices has risen by 466,000 since January 2015, to 2.8 million.The number is likely higher […]

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