How to get rid of the Google Flush DNS in Ubuntu 10.10 (and 11)

If you have ever tried to use a Google DNS service in Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10, you have probably encountered some issues.The Google DNS has been removed in Ubuntu 15.04 and newer and is no longer maintained.The problem with this Google DNS is that it uses a lot of bandwidth, and it also does not have the same caching mechanism […]

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How to set up a DNS server with your WordPress website? TechRadars answer

TechRadarends answers questions on setting up a DDoS server.1.What is a DNS server?The internet is full of DNS servers that help make your site’s online reputation online.These servers are commonly known as DNS servers.They are used to route requests from your website to the DNS servers of other sites, and they are also used to give you the ability to […]

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