How to Disable the DNS leak test in Firefox 51

The latest Firefox 51 beta version has added a DNS leak detection feature that will warn you if your Internet service provider is leaking DNS information.According to the developer notes, Firefox 51 Beta 6 contains a DNS “leak” test which will warn users if they are leaking DNS data.The test is enabled by default and can be enabled by going […]

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CloudFlare DDoS test: The best free dnspy test The Verge

CloudFlaring is the largest and most prominent provider of free, high-availability DNS service in the world.The company has a reputation for being one of the most reliable DNS providers in the industry.But that reputation isn’t entirely accurate.In 2016, CloudFlares DNS servers were compromised and some of them were leaking DNS settings and data.While the company fixed the issue, its reputation […]

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What you need to know about Comcast’s DNS leak test

Business Insider / Comcast Comcast has issued a blog post detailing its DNS leak testing methodology.The post explains that the DNS leak tests were conducted using a combination of both automated and manual processes, and it uses some of the most advanced techniques available in DNS testing.For example, Comcast found a DNS leak in one of its customers, and the […]

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