How to Upgrade to the Latest Windows DNS Server (v10.0.10586.0)

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of DNS.It’s a way to organize information on the internet, and like most online services, it’s used for making sure your computer’s internet connection works properly.But there are other services that make use of DNS, like Google’s own web search service, Bing.That’s where Microsoft gets the idea for DNS.Since Windows 10 comes […]

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The latest podcast on the new DNS forwarder and the new MX record

The latest podcasts on the New DNS forwarders are here.The new MX records can be configured to allow for the forwarder to send the MX records to your MX records.This new feature is designed to help prevent spam.The MX record records can contain an additional record to prevent DNS queries from being directed to a new domain.The forwarder will also […]

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