When a Google ad is being blocked, your data is safe, experts say

Advertisers who use ad blockers often block or reject ad-serving pages.If an ad-blocking page contains a message that warns users of a blocking, the ad-blocker’s browser will block that page from being served on the device.In this article, experts explain why this is a bad idea.(Alice Li/The Washington Post)Read moreAdvertisers can block or deny ad-based pages on their own devices, […]

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Verizon dns server outage for subscribers

Verizon dnsphere is experiencing an issue that could affect many of its customers, according to reports from sources at Verizon.The company has said that it’s looking into the issue, but said it doesn’t expect to have an immediate impact on its customers.Verizon dnSphere is a database of more than 1.5 million servers that are used to help Verizon network operators […]

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