DNS request: US government wants a look at Russian network of proxies

US federal prosecutors want a look into the activities of a Russian military-intelligence-backed network of proxy servers, including those of a company known as Red Onion, a former Soviet intelligence unit.The Russian-American firm, which was founded by former KGB agents and is the subject of an investigation by the FBI, is also accused of using the service to create fake […]

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Why you should be cautious about your ISP’s DNS servers

I have always found it difficult to trust a company I use to browse the internet.I’ve done a lot of research before I buy something from them, and when I was browsing Amazon.com on my computer, I was not expecting a big price drop.However, the next day I was in trouble with my ISP and lost my account.It was like […]

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A $200 bill to pay for a $200 iPhone…

A $100 bill to buy a $100 iPhone is an old idea that could have a big impact on how people buy smartphones in the future.The Federal Reserve is considering the idea to boost consumer spending and boost the U.S. economy as part of its monetary policy.It is a common and inexpensive tactic that would allow consumers to make payments […]

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