How to prevent DNS leaks with Tor and other tools

Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) is the default Tor client.It is built with OpenSSL, but Tor Browser bundle is designed for people who have no experience with OpenSSH or the Tor protocol.It uses a different algorithm than the one used by Tor Browser and is built to be faster, which makes it more secure than a modern version of OpenSSHD.It has […]

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Google’s CloudFlare: The Definitive Guide to DNS for Linux and Windows 10

Google is adding a new feature for its cloudflares: a VPN.The VPN is a service that provides secure connections to other computers and networks.It is used by some to access services that are not secure.The new feature is called CloudFlares Proxy, which is the name of the new service Google launched in May.The CloudFlas proxy is now available in Google […]

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