CloudFlare DDoS test: The best free dnspy test The Verge

CloudFlaring is the largest and most prominent provider of free, high-availability DNS service in the world.The company has a reputation for being one of the most reliable DNS providers in the industry.But that reputation isn’t entirely accurate.In 2016, CloudFlares DNS servers were compromised and some of them were leaking DNS settings and data.While the company fixed the issue, its reputation […]

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Why is Microsoft using a VPN to block Google from browsing my home directory?

The best free and open DNS for Windows 10 has been removed from Microsoft’s website, the company announced today.The new policy has a lot to do with Google’s refusal to cooperate with DNS providers, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.“Microsoft believes that privacy and security are core to the future of the Internet, and that everyone should be able to have […]

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