When it comes to VPNs, Split Horizon and Google Domains are the best VPNs

Split Horizon, a provider of DNS and SSL VPNs for Google Domaints and Cloudflare, has announced that they are no longer providing DNS and HTTP proxies in the cloud.Google has previously been a primary customer for Split Horizon.Split Horizon has been making waves with their DNS proxy, DNSVPN, which allows users to run DNS and DNS servers on the same […]

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ICM Partners to Buy Microsoft, Yahoo, Google for $15B

Microsoft’s purchase of Yahoo and Google has sparked a flurry of speculation about how the companies will compete against Amazon and Google.The merger of the tech giants is expected to bring a raft of new products and services to the marketplace, as well as a significant amount of revenue.A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the news to Reuters on Thursday, noting that […]

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