Why the Xbox One X’s DNS servers are more powerful than the Xbox 360’s…

Business Insider has revealed that the Xbox one X’s Xbox DNS servers may have been “far more powerful” than the one in the Xbox Xbox 360, as the company revealed in an internal document.The document, which was posted on Monday by Xbox Insider, shows that the two Xbox OneXs’ Xbox DNS services were “nearly twice as powerful” as those in […]

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What you need to know about secure DNS service providers

The internet has become a vast network of networks and networks of servers and routers and it’s hard to understand what happens when they break down.As a result, many of us tend to assume that they can be fixed with some form of firmware or service.The truth is that these services will be vulnerable, and you’ll have to work with […]

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How to use Cydia and the iOS 11.2 jailbreak tool to find and disable the Apple VPN

In a recent article on the website Cydia, a software developer discovered how to use the iOS 10.3 jailbreak to disable Apple’s VPN-like services.The developer discovered that the VPN server would automatically be enabled if the user selected the option “enable VPN server” in Settings, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.“You will need to configure the VPN Server,” the developer […]

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