Google DNS History: A History

Google (GOOG) has announced that it will begin rolling out DNS changes to customers who use Google Cloud DNS, as the company’s DNS service has been plagued with problems since it launched in 2015.The company made the announcement in a blog post Monday, and the rollout will take effect in late April, according to a blog entry from its cloud-based […]

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KubeDNS: Australia’s first DNS service to work with CloudDNS

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST DNS SERVICE TO WORK WITH CLOUDDDNS will launch in Australia on Tuesday.CloudDNS is a cloud-based DNS service that is a collaboration between the US-based company, Google and the Australian government.It allows people to access their internet from the comfort of their homes or offices, with no need to download a browser or install additional software.KubeDns is designed for […]

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What’s the future of the DNS?

More than 10 years after the original DNS was created, the internet’s biggest companies have come to a consensus about the future.They want the DNS system to stay the same.But there is growing debate about the way that this is supposed to work.What will be the structure of the internet?What are the rules for using the internet, and for how […]

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