The best free and open DNS for Windows 10 has been removed from Microsoft’s website, the company announced today.

The new policy has a lot to do with Google’s refusal to cooperate with DNS providers, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

“Microsoft believes that privacy and security are core to the future of the Internet, and that everyone should be able to have a seamless experience with their privacy and data,” the spokesperson wrote.

Microsoft is not the first company to block access to Google DNS, but it’s the first major Windows OEM to do so.

Google’s DNS service blocks all the DNS services in the Google Cloud and Google Apps domains.

Microsoft’s DNS policy is one of the first to do this, in a move that Google says is illegal.

Microsoft, which has had its own DNS policy since 2008, is not alone.

Other companies, including Google, have blocked access to many Google DNS services.

The policy has been in place for a long time, and Microsoft’s new policy does not affect existing customers.

Google told Ars that it does not provide DNS for its own servers, but that the company will comply with the policy if a customer requests it.

“As a result of the recent change in policy, we are not providing our own DNS for customers that use Google DNS,” a Google spokesperson told Ars.

Google has been working on a DNS policy for years.

In February, Google announced it would block all the popular DNS services on Windows, including Microsoft’s own DNS.

This week, the tech giant also announced that it will allow its own Windows customers to connect to Microsoft’s network without having to pay for a subscription to Google’s service.

Google’s policy also blocks Microsoft’s Cloud DNS, which is Google’s proprietary DNS service.

Cloud DNS is available on Windows as a service and also for users running Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud services.

Cloud DNS is one example of how Microsoft has changed its DNS policy in recent years.

Microsoft has also changed the way it operates its DNS services to make them more secure.

Microsoft previously said that it would provide secure, free DNS service to all customers, but has since stopped that practice.

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