The internet giant is reportedly working on a solution to a problem with search queries being used to target users with unwanted ads.

Google is reportedly testing a new search algorithm that it says is able to “improve” search results for people with certain types of search queries.

The technology could also help search engines improve the speed and accuracy of searches.

The tech giant is also testing a feature called “Google-based content discovery”, which could be used to identify specific content that people might want to see when they search for a particular keyword.

The search giant said that Google-based search results could also improve the efficiency of its search results.

The news comes as Google has been hit by a series of embarrassing incidents including the fact that users were able to install malicious software that could be installed on smartphones and steal their information.

The company has since made the issue public and vowed to fix it.

Google has faced similar problems in the past, including a report that some users were using Google-powered ads to trick advertisers into paying them more.

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