By default, web sites on a Google or Microsoft DNS service redirect traffic to their own domain name servers.

The companies use this configuration to help protect their services, but some sites are configured to circumvent this.

Now, Microsoft, Apple, and Google are pushing their own DNS configuration option to allow the use of DNS services for Infoclusters, allowing for a more streamlined, and faster, setup.

The feature, called dns-interfaces, is enabled by default, but it’s also available in Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and 8.2 operating systems.

Microsoft has made the configuration available for users who do not have the DNS enabled, but Google, Apple and Google will not support the feature.

The change means that some sites on Google and Microsoft’s DNS service will redirect traffic through an Infoblaster instead of the default gateway, according to a blog post from Microsoft’s Mike Bostock.

“If you’re using a DNS service on your Windows 8 system, we strongly encourage you to enable the dns interface and enable the configuration option for interconnecting DNS with other DNS services,” the blog post reads.

Microsoft and Google have announced they are working on new DNS-based interconnectors for Windows 8, including one that could enable IPv6 address assignment and allow interconnects to use the IPv6 addressing scheme.

For more information about how Microsoft and Google’s DNS configurations work, see this article from Ars Technica.

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