Microsoft’s purchase of Yahoo and Google has sparked a flurry of speculation about how the companies will compete against Amazon and Google.

The merger of the tech giants is expected to bring a raft of new products and services to the marketplace, as well as a significant amount of revenue.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the news to Reuters on Thursday, noting that “all Microsoft technologies are available on all of our platforms.”

A spokesperson for Yahoo said that it was too early to comment on the merger.

Microsoft said the acquisition was announced today.

“We are delighted to acquire the world’s largest technology company for the company that matters most to us, and our employees,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement.

“Our vision for the future is clear and our products and solutions are the backbone of the Internet of Things.”

Yahoo and Microsoft have been under pressure in recent years from rival Google to scale up and become more competitive with their offerings.

In June, Yahoo announced plans to open up its data centers to other cloud services.

Google is also expanding its cloud offerings and building out its infrastructure to make its cloud services easier to use.

In July, Google announced that it would build its own cloud services, including its own mobile cloud.

Google and Microsoft declined to comment.

“Yahoo and Google are already leading the way for the Internet, and the combination of our strengths will create a new Internet for every one of our users,” Nadell said in the statement.

Microsoft and Yahoo are not the only tech companies trying to acquire other tech companies.

Earlier this year, Amazon acquired a startup called Googler to make it easier for it to create search queries.

Amazon’s acquisition of Google for more than $2 billion also caused an uproar.

Microsoft, meanwhile, has been in talks with Facebook, which owns Instagram, to expand its business and boost the messaging platform.

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