Microsoft is now rolling out the next major update to Windows 10, the most recent of which is Windows 10 Anniversary Update (KB 2978797).

This update will bring Windows 10 to a wider range of devices, and will be rolling out across the rest of the world in a gradual manner.

The update is the first big milestone in Microsoft’s efforts to get the Windows 10 platform onto as many devices as possible.

We’ve been working closely with the hardware teams on this build to ensure we can get everything running on the vast majority of devices.

This build is available for Windows Insiders worldwide, and it’s also available for free download from Microsoft’s Xbox store.

Here are a few of the highlights: Cortana, Windows Hello, the Windows Store and more have been added to Windows in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Cortana is an online assistant that can answer questions and get you things done with Cortana on the go.

Microsoft has integrated Cortana with Cortana Hub, the app store that now comes with Windows 10 PCs.

Cortana has been designed to work with Windows Hello on phones and tablets, which means it’s possible to ask Cortana questions on those devices.

Cortana now supports voice search for Windows Hello.

Windows Hello now works with Cortana and Microsoft Edge, allowing users to create passwords, unlock devices and more.

Cortana also now includes the ability to add Cortana to a new phone or tablet for quick access, and Cortana now works better with third-party devices.

Microsoft’s Cortana now lets you choose a custom search phrase to ask, even if you don’t know the name of a service.

Microsoft is adding a new feature called Cortana Insights that lets you see how much Cortana is paying you per hour, so you can see what Cortana is charging you per second, how much you’re paying for services, and other statistics.

Cortana Insiders can also now preview Cortana voice actions on Cortana Hub.

Microsoft wants Insiders to be able to do more with Cortana than just ask it a question.

Microsoft says Cortana will be able tell you what time it is and what time of day it is.

Microsoft will also be able integrate Cortana’s voice commands to your personal settings, allowing you to make the Cortana settings more personal and more relevant.

Microsoft also is rolling out a Cortana API that lets developers build Cortana apps and services.

The API allows developers to build custom Cortana services and will allow developers to create services that respond to Cortana.

Cortana’s Cortana settings will also change automatically with the weather, time of the day, location, or other relevant information, Microsoft says.

Cortana can now also be set to answer your questions in the voice of your partner, and Microsoft is introducing a new Cortana feature that will ask you a question or ask a question in your native language.

Microsoft hasn’t specified exactly how Cortana will work with the Cortana Hub app, but it will let you ask Cortana the questions and the answers in the app, and then the Cortana app will automatically respond to your query.

Cortana will also respond to questions in your home, as well as your own Cortana settings.

Microsoft said it is also introducing new Cortana APIs for developers to help developers create custom Cortana experiences that support Cortana and Cortana Insists, Cortana Hub and Cortana’s other features.

Cortana APIs are designed to make it easier for developers and organizations to build integrations with Microsoft’s services and services, like Cortana, and integrate them into their own applications.

Microsoft announced Cortana will support the Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Cortana Cortana will have new features that will let people see how Cortana is doing with your apps and apps, including a new option that will allow Cortana to automatically create a profile that includes a list of people you’re talking to and events that you’re attending.

Cortana today is also adding new Cortana options for users to enable, enable, or disable Cortana Insist, Cortana Insensit, Cortana Home, Cortana Feedback, Cortana Help and Cortana Search.

Cortana on PCs will also support Windows 10 Mobile devices, Microsoft said.

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it is adding Cortana support to Windows Hello in the Windows Insider Program, as the new feature allows users to ask for and receive voice commands, without having to type in their username or password.

Cortana and Windows Hello will also work with Cortana’s new Cortana settings feature.

Microsoft plans to introduce Cortana Insignia in the coming months to make Cortana smarter and more personal for Insiders.

CortanaInsiderInsider is Microsoft’s new way to get Insiders up to speed with Microsoft and Windows, helping them understand how the latest updates are impacting their day-to-day.

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