Microsoft has updated its public DNS servers on its Xbox 360 game console to the latest versions of the latest version of its Java and Python programs, which it has dubbed “Microsoft’s public dnscrypt.”

The update was made available today to Xbox 360 owners who purchased the console on or before November 29, according to a Microsoft blog post on its support website.

It should fix the DNS issues caused by a DNS server crash caused by the release of the Windows 10 version of Java and the Python 3.6 release of Microsoft’s open source DNS service.

Microsoft has also updated its DNS servers for other Microsoft-owned devices, including PCs, servers, and network switches.

In November, Microsoft added its Windows 10 DNS servers to Google’s DNS service, but the company didn’t include a DNS update for Google’s server.

Google’s official version of the DNS service was updated on Monday.

Google has been under fire from privacy advocates, who have said it is enabling the NSA’s data collection operations on its servers and services.

Microsoft has been criticized by privacy advocates who say that it has been collecting and storing user data on its own servers for more than five years.

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