Business Insider has revealed that the Xbox one X’s Xbox DNS servers may have been “far more powerful” than the one in the Xbox Xbox 360, as the company revealed in an internal document.

The document, which was posted on Monday by Xbox Insider, shows that the two Xbox OneXs’ Xbox DNS services were “nearly twice as powerful” as those in the original Xbox.

The documents also reveal that the original servers had “numerous security weaknesses.” 

Microsoft, which is currently in the process of updating its Xbox DNS service to take advantage of new capabilities of its upcoming Xbox One, has stated that it has not yet confirmed that the new Xbox One servers are “narrowly faster.”

It is currently unclear if the Xbox-powered Xbox One will have an improved DNS server that uses hardware-based networking or is a completely software-based system.

Microsoft has been making an effort to offer more choice and control in DNS settings for its upcoming console, and this document suggests that the company is trying to make it easier for customers to choose the service that is right for them.

Microsoft previously revealed that it would be adding a new feature to its DNS service that would allow customers to set custom DNS settings to work with their devices.

The feature is known as DNS Aware, and it is designed to make sure that DNS servers that have been configured with custom DNS server settings will continue to work even when the customer switches devices. 

Microsoft has not revealed what the new feature would do, but the document suggests it would “allow a customer to create a DNS server with specific settings to use for their device.”

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