The Republican presidential candidate’s comments were described by one of his supporters as a ‘tactical error.’

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Wednesday that the Republican presidential nominee’s DNF was the ‘best-ever.’

He said that Trump was ‘playing’ his opponent and the world was watching.’

You can’t play the world’s worst computer.

You cannot play the best computer,’ Hannity said.

Hannity added that the DDoS attack was ‘probably the worst ever.’

He added: ‘Donald Trump should have never been president.’

Hanniff also said that he believed the attack was designed to embarrass Trump, who had been trying to get more viewers.’

He was trying to make this into a joke, to make it seem like the world is laughing at him,’ Hannity added.’

It’s a big joke on him.

He didn’t want the world to know that he was in trouble.

He wanted to make people think he was fine.”

The world is watching’Trump was asked on Wednesday whether he believes the attack, which he has called the ‘biggest cyberattack ever,’ was an act of ‘malice.”

What you should see is the world watching and the American people are watching,’ Hannity replied.’

I think he’s playing himself in the public eye.

That’s what he’s doing.

‘But what the world has seen is the worst cyberattack in American history.’

Huckabee said that the real goal of the DNF attack was to embarrass the President.’

This was a deliberate attack, a deliberate campaign by the campaign, by the Democratic Party, by Hillary Clinton, to embarrass Donald Trump,’ he said.’

And that’s why this is the greatest cyberattack that we’ve ever seen.

‘It’s the biggest campaign in history to do that, to hurt Donald Trump, and that’s what they’re doing.’

The DNF attacks, which Hannity said took place during the presidential debates, began on Thursday morning.

Huckabees comments come as Trump was preparing for an election debate with Hillary Clinton.

The president was asked if he thought the attack had anything to do with the fact that Clinton had called him a liar during the first debate.’

No, it didn’t,’ Trump said.

‘I don’t think so.

‘We have a lot of people out there who love me and I think it’s very important for them to be able to see the facts.’

The President also claimed that he and the rest of the GOP have a ‘great team’ and are trying to ‘get back on track.”

We have an amazing team,’ he added.

‘A great team.’

Huffington also responded to the criticism of Trump’s handling of the cyberattack.’

We’re not going to let anyone take it away from us,’ he claimed.

‘Donald has a great team.

They’re all working so hard.

We’re not letting anyone take that away from our people.”

I’m not blaming anyone,’ Hannity argued.

‘They’re all here to help us.’

The Republican presidential hopeful then said he was ‘excited’ to be in the debate, despite the DNN attack.’

Oh, we’re excited to be there.

We love the debates.

We’ll be watching the debates,’ Hannity concluded.

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