Google has opened up its Split DNS app for iOS devices.

The app lets you manage your DNS settings on your phone and lets you control the DNS settings across multiple devices.

The new settings page lets you set up a single app to manage your split dnscontrol settings on multiple devices with one app.

You can also set up separate apps for iOS and Android, if you wish.

The new app allows you to set up two separate apps on your device.

This new feature is a nice addition to Split DNS, which Google launched in late 2016.

Google has also added support for split domain and subdomain search.

Split DNS is an open source DNS management system that lets you create and manage multiple DNS settings.

You may use it with the Google Chromecast and Google Home devices.

You also can create an account for your own DNS service, and have all your domains available to you at one time.

You will need to sign up for an account in order to access your domains.

The company said the new settings are now available for both iOS and Google’s Android apps.

Split DNS for iOS is a free app that offers you the ability to manage DNS settings with an Android device.

You are free to create an app for each device that supports the Split DNS functionality.

Google has added two new subdomain names to the app, which you can use for your Split DNS domains.

You’ll find them in the “My Domains” section.

The other new subdomains are the ones that have a .com suffix, which will allow you to have a separate app for different domains.

These are a great option for the iOS and a great way to have multiple apps that you can manage with one single app.

Google also added a new section in the app where you can set up an Android app for a separate domain that you wish to control.

Another new feature in the Split Domain section is that you will now be able to set a default domain for all your DNS domains, rather than being able to control it individually.

This is important if you are planning on setting up multiple DNS servers and are looking to set your own domain name for each server.

For more information about Split DNS on iOS and the Google app, head over to the Google site.

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