After an online petition demanding an online boycott of Australia’s top ISPs sparked an online outcry, the government has decided to consider the issue of internet safety.

The Government has decided that the internet is a public service, but that internet safety must be a top priority.

An official announcement from the Department of Communications and the Communications Minister, Craig Emerson, said that the government would consider whether the internet poses a significant risk to Australian citizens.

“The Government believes the internet must remain a publicly accessible resource and is therefore consulting with stakeholders to explore options for regulating the internet to ensure it remains a service that Australians can trust,” the announcement said.

It’s not clear whether this consultation is a formal process or whether it’s just a matter of opinion, given that the Department’s chief communications officer, Michelle Smith, declined to answer questions about the matter during the media briefing.

While the internet has always been a highly regulated space, the lack of transparency around the use of internet services has led to concerns that there’s been too little regulation.

In February, the Australian Communications and Media Authority published a report into internet safety, noting that the public’s trust in the internet was “extremely low”.

While it acknowledged there were risks, it concluded that the number of cyber attacks on the internet were not rising.

Smith told ABC News Online that the Government wanted to “take a balanced view” of internet security.

What is the internet?

“We need to ensure that Australians are able to connect to the internet safely and securely,” she said.

“We have to have robust protections against cyber crime.

We need to make sure that our citizens can access the internet at work and at home.”

We also need to look at the way the internet works in a public good.

We have to make decisions about how we do it.

“The Australian Communications Network (ACN) is the national body responsible for regulating Australia’s internet services.

It’s the internet backbone and it’s operated by the Australian government.

When is the consultation process?

The consultation process is ongoing and can take several weeks.

Should you sign up?

If you want to take part, you’ll need to provide your email address and password.

To sign up, simply visit the consultation page.

Signing up now: What’s the issue?

There’s been a large number of internet-related cyber attacks in recent months, including the recent breaches at Sony Pictures and the personal information of some celebrities including Ashley Judd and Kate Upton.

A petition calling for an online “boycott” of Australia is also circulating.

Critics say the country’s lack of internet regulations and lack of oversight is putting the public at risk.

On its website, the Coalition has said the government “has consulted with experts in the field of internet regulation to identify areas of concern that are relevant to the current situation”.

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