Fox Sports Insider columnist Michael Rothstein says he’s “extremely disappointed” in the DFS business in 2017, even though he believes it can be a viable business for DFS players.

Schmitz made the statement via Twitter on Friday.

“I am a DFS person and the business model has been there for years,” he said.

“DFS is a huge and growing market with millions of players.

There is no reason why DFS needs to be a competitor to traditional sports betting.

I am extremely upset that DFS has been taken out of its current niche by the owners of a company that I consider to be in the same league.”

Schmit, who runs the popular DFS line of tools, said DFS was built to be more profitable and it should be allowed to exist in the market.

“As a result of this decision, DFS will no longer be allowed in our marketplace,” he wrote.

Schmitte also said he would continue to support the sport, despite the changes to the industry.

“The business of DFS is based on a philosophy of maximizing your profits,” he tweeted.

“You can still win, but at a much higher level.

I can’t imagine any sport where the players win at all.

I’m sorry this has happened.

I love DFS.”

The move came after a tumultuous year for Dfs.

Schmit said he “misspoke” in his initial statement about the change, saying he meant DFS should not be competing with traditional sports.

He also said that his DFS services were no longer supported by DSE, the parent company of DfS.

“We’re not going to be doing any DFS work at all from this point forward,” he told reporters.

“It is a complete and total cancellation of the DSE and DFS model.”

Schmite said he’s also had to rethink his investment strategies.

“My DFS strategy is no longer focused on winning a few games a year,” he shared.

“Now I want to maximize the value of my money by winning a lot of games a week.”

Schmite also said his DfScorso had “no way to monetize DFS, other than by providing the best possible value for my clients.”

He said his goal is to create a DfSCorso with “a revenue-sharing model” that allows players to take home a percentage of every DFS win.

Schmite added that he will be rethinking his investments in 2018 and 2019, in part due to the DfSporso.

“Our goal is now to become a profitable and sustainable business.

DFS and the Dsporso have become two sides of the same coin,” he added.”

I am also looking to do a major rethinking of my investments, and the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am,” he continued.

“While I was confident that we could build a viable DFS industry and have a positive impact on our players, this is a major disappointment.

It’s like having the worst lottery win ever.”

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