Google is preparing to open up its DNS servers to apps on iOS and Android, but it doesn’t mean the service will disappear entirely from the web.

The new version of Google DNS, which is being called Google DNS Server, will allow apps to send and receive DNS requests over the network.

Google said the service is a “new and exciting way for developers to make their apps accessible to Google services”.

Google said it was already working with a number of other companies to support the new version, but did not specify which ones.

Google has previously said it would make it possible for applications to use the DNS to send DNS requests to Google servers.

Google announced the DNS service in January.

The service will allow developers to send requests for DNS entries and respond with DNS responses, according to a blog post from the DNS server’s developer.

Google has been working with several developers to support DNS for apps on both iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating system.

In addition to the iOS version of the DNS Server project, Google has been making progress on a web version of DNS Server.

As of February 20, Google DNS was available to the following apps on Android, Chrome and Firefox.

Google DNS is currently available for all the major browsers, including Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Edge.

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