A brand-new adventure game that will let you play through a new side quest on PlayStation 4 has arrived on Google Play, with a launch window of March 5.

The game is titled, The Sport, and it’s set to arrive with a free update later this month.

The app will be available in the Play Store at launch, and a launch date has not been announced yet.

The game’s description reads, “Take on the role of a sports journalist as you explore a fictional sports universe in a world where everyone has the power to transform themselves into the perfect athlete.

As you progress through a side quest, explore an extensive sports history with your friends to uncover the secrets of your new body.

Play through an epic sports epic with the all-new PS4 Pro.”

The Sports Bible is the latest installment in a series of games that Google Play has made available for the PlayStation 4.

The previous two games were, The Sports Guide and The Sport Guide 2.

You can find out more about those games on the Google Play Store, where the Google Sports app is available for free.

A PS4 update is also set to release on March 5, as a part of the company’s ongoing support for the device.

In other Google Play news, Sony has announced that a PS4 version of The Verge will be coming to the platform in the coming months.

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