The latest Google DNS is so secure that it has been dubbed “the perfect security blanket”.

Google says its DNS servers are designed to keep your data safe, but it also uses them to manage your search history.

The DNS server is responsible for keeping your information secure from attackers who could get into your account and gain access to your information.

Google says your DNS is stored in the cloud, so your information is never accessed by anyone but Google.

“We have taken this step to provide security to all our DNS customers so they can remain secure and protect themselves,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Users of Google Chrome and Firefox can use the Google Chrome Web Store app to access their DNS settings, and Google also recommends that anyone with a Google account and an internet connection download the latest version of Google’s DNS software.

You can find the latest versions of Google DNS and other software at the Google webstore or the Google Developer site.

However, you can still check if your DNS settings are correct by looking for a “No DNS” message in the DNS browser in Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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