We got our first look at the PS Vita’s online functionality last week and a lot has changed in the next couple of months.

The PS3 version of the PS Store, which we used to have access to in the past, is now going to be replaced with a much more powerful online system called “PS Plus” which includes the ability to add up to 100 more online services to your existing online library. 

While you’ll still be able to add more services to the library at any time via your PlayStation Plus account, the new PS Plus service will only be available to users with a PS3, PS4, PS Vita or PS3 Classic. 

What does this mean for PS Plus?

It means that while you’ll be able add services to PS Plus if you already own a PS4 or PS Vita, you won’t be able in the near future. 

As of today, there are currently no plans for the PS Plus network to expand beyond the two PlayStation systems. 

In order to make the network work properly, PS Plus will need to be upgraded to PS3 Plus or PS4 Plus as a new feature called “Online Pass” is available in the PSN Store for PS4. 

The PS Plus Network is expected to launch sometime in the coming months.

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PlayStation 4 launches September 4, 2018.

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