Google News article PS4 owners can now set their own custom DNS queries. 

Google says it’s now possible to add custom DNS requests to your ps5 console. 

“We are now able to customize a custom query for your ps 5 console, so that when you start a new session, you can specify which query to run. 

In addition, we can now specify the host name for the request. 

For example, you could configure a query that asks the ps5 server to lookup your personal website for you, and then specify the IP address of your PS5. 

You can also specify the DNS name for this request.

If you do not specify the server address, you will receive a response that contains the IP addresses of the servers that you have connected to.” 

Google recommends that you set up a custom service on your PS4 server and then connect it to your PS 5 console to add the request as a custom domain. 

The company says that the custom domain will take the form of a address, which can be used to connect to a custom web service. 

A custom domain can be setup by clicking the Customize button in the PS4 settings menu, and in the DNS section, selecting the Custom Domain option. 

Custom DNS queries can be added by visiting the PS5 console and clicking on the Custom DNS link in the top-right of the console.

Google also recommends that PS5 owners use the ps4-specific DNS servers for their custom DNS domains, as this makes it easier for Google to connect your PS 4 to a server with a custom name. 

PS5 owners can set their custom domain by going to the Network settings, and clicking the DNS option, and following the instructions to add it as a domain name.

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