Posted December 08, 2017 09:27:23 The Federal Government’s latest report on data breaches and cybercrime shows that Google, Facebook and other major internet companies are now among the biggest offenders in the nation’s biggest data breaches.

It found the largest breach, which affected over 400 million Australians, was Google’s data breach in 2014 and the second largest breach was that of Microsoft in 2015.

Data breaches have become more sophisticated and have increased the amount of information stolen.

The Federal Police also warned that data breaches in 2017 will be “higher than at any point in the last 10 years”.

The report also revealed that at least four major banks and one large bank in the US were the top three offenders, with banks including HSBC, Citigroup and Bank of America among those that have been targeted.

The Government also said it had received “numerous tips” that banks and other financial institutions may have been compromised by criminals.

It also said that in some instances, the Government had been unable to prove the identity of the criminals behind the data breaches, or to determine whether they were connected to organised crime.

Federal Police said it received more than 2,000 tips that the banks may have breached data in the past year.

It said it was also “working closely” with banks and others to identify the “vulnerabilities” in their systems.

The FBI said it also received “hundreds of tips” and that it was investigating a “series of banks”.

Federal Crime Commissioner Ian Stewart said it would be important to get the information out to people “who may have had access to stolen data”.

“It’s vital to get these banks to work together and work collaboratively with the Australian Federal Police to address these breaches, particularly those that may have occurred before the Australian financial year began,” he said.

The report said it has been a difficult year for Australian banks and the Government because the banks had lost millions of dollars and their customers were “in distress”.

But the Federal Police and the Commonwealth Attorney-General, Michael Keenan, have been working together to find the criminals responsible for the breaches.

“This report is an important contribution to improving the integrity of our banking system,” Mr Stewart said.

“It also reflects the Government’s ongoing focus on fighting cybercrime, and provides us with some important new insights into what is happening around the world.”

Mr Stewart also said the Government was “committed” to supporting the Federal Government in fighting cyberbullying.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been working with the Department of Justice and the Australian Crime Commission to investigate cyberbullies and cyberattacks.

The Federal Government also published its third annual report on cybercrime on Friday.

It included a warning about the growing number of companies and individuals that use Google to steal data and use the information to create fake websites and services.

It said the most common use of Google’s services was to sell personal information to third parties.

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