Azure DNS service provider Azure DNS over https (Azure DNS Proxy) supports HTTP and HTTPS connections, but is currently not supported in Azure, a Microsoft spokesperson told Ars.

This is the first time Azure DNS Proxy has been reported to support HTTPS connections since its introduction.

The spokesperson said Azure DNS will continue to support HTTP connections, as it is the only supported protocol.

The Azure DNS Over https protocol, which has been in beta since last summer, is a new protocol that is currently in development, and has been rolled out in a number of countries, including the US, China, India, Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, Austria, and Spain, among others.

The protocol has been widely tested and has seen limited support in the past.

Azure DNS is available in Windows Azure Marketplace as part of the Azure Service Pack.

Azure is one of Microsoft’s largest cloud computing providers, offering services such as virtual machines, cloud hosting, and compute services to users across the globe.

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