Google is refusing to allow its search engines to become Google competitors, and it’s doing it by blocking the search engine’s internal DNS.

The move comes in a ruling handed down by the US Federal Communications Commission on Thursday.

The FCC found that Google’s DNS is not a Google subsidiary, and therefore it can’t be a Google “hosted” domain.

Google is asking the FCC to ban the use of Google’s internal domain name, the domain, as a DNS host.

It also argues that Google should be allowed to be used by other companies, like the Amazon Web Services, as long as they are “legitimate” and not using the same DNS servers.

The FCC is also looking into Google’s business practices.

The Google ruling came after the FCC sent a letter to Google on June 23, asking the search giant to give the agency “an opportunity to address the issues raised in your petition” and address “potential legal claims” against it.

Google declined.

Google says it has a “zero tolerance” policy for any type of DNS hosting company.

It said that in its ruling it is “not required to comply” with the FCC’s request, but it said it would do so if it could.

Google has been a Google search engine for over a decade.

Its products include Gmail, Chrome, ChromeOS, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google News, and more.

The company also has its own YouTube channel.

The ruling by the FCC comes as Google faces a number of antitrust lawsuits in the US and Europe, and has been accused of blocking access to rival search engines and competitors.

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