Google is experiencing a ddos attack on the network that monitors its servers.

The attack began Tuesday and is continuing, according to Google.

The DNS servers for Google’s servers were down at 11:15 a.m.

EST on Tuesday, according a Google spokesperson.

Google says it’s investigating the attack and has activated two network-wide DNS servers.

Google says the attack began with “malicious IPs that are targeting Google’s DNS servers.”

Google has not provided any additional details about the attack or any information on how many servers are affected.

The company says that, while the attack appears to be limited to a small number of Google DNS servers, it is still affecting millions of other sites.

Google also says it is investigating how the attack may be connected to a denial of service attack on Google’s own servers.

If you’re having problems accessing the DNS server at this time, Google suggests that you turn off DNS and redirect your DNS queries to Google’s Google DNS.

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