Recode reader Zachary M, a former Microsoft employee, used Google DNS on his Xbox One console to find the website of the popular social networking site Reddit.

He used a DNS server owned by Microsoft to find Reddit’s IP address and, voila, he was connected to the website.

Recode’s Zachary is a member of the Xbox community and wanted to share his experience.

Thanks to Zachary’s experience, we have updated the article with instructions on how to find your favorite websites using your Windows 10 console.

Zachary said he’s still working on setting up his Xbox to connect to Reddit’s servers, but said he would post more details about that process as soon as he has more time.

For now, we’ve listed a few popular sites to try using your Xbox console for free and free services to download or download.

You can also try searching for a particular site by IP address or typing its URL into the search box.

You’ll also want to set up DNS to connect your computer to Reddit.

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