Business Insider / Comcast Comcast has issued a blog post detailing its DNS leak testing methodology.

The post explains that the DNS leak tests were conducted using a combination of both automated and manual processes, and it uses some of the most advanced techniques available in DNS testing.

For example, Comcast found a DNS leak in one of its customers, and the company ran the DNS leaks through its DNS propagation test tool to see if there were any other problems with the customer’s DNS setup.

The company then used a similar DNS leak to validate the configuration of a second customer that was also experiencing a DNS issue.

In total, Comcast says it performed around 100 DNS leaks over a period of two weeks, and each leak tested with multiple customer configurations.

The tests also involved more than 10 million DNS queries, with the company reporting that its DNS servers experienced “millions of DNS queries.”

The DNS leaks were then sent to a test organization known as the DNS Integrity Test Group, which was able to verify that the leaks were legitimate and that the customer configurations were consistent.

Comcast is working to improve its DNS-level DNS leak detection process.

Earlier this year, Comcast released its new DNS leak tool to help test its network security.

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