DigitalOcean has been a target of many internet users because of its DNS setup, and now the company has announced it will be shut down for the duration of its outage.

It’s been a long time coming.

The company said it would go dark for one week from Wednesday and is expected to return on Friday.

The shutdown was announced on the company’s blog.

“The DNS shutdown will begin in a few minutes, and will last for approximately one week.

We are working closely with the government to make sure that we are fully transparent with all customers and their data, and we look forward to getting back to normalcy soon,” DigitalOcean CEO Eric Migicovsky said.

“We will continue to update our customers on our plans for this shutdown as we learn more.”

He said customers will be able to contact the company by email and chat.

The US Federal Communications Commission has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the “digitaloceans” service, which allows companies to host and query their own DNS servers.

The internet service provider (ISP) has said it intends to offer customers a choice of either Google or a competitor service that would let them choose between a limited number of providers.

DigitalOcean said it is a good option for some, but not for all.

“This is going to have a negative impact on some customers,” the company wrote.

It said it plans to offer support to customers who need help, but it is not yet clear how long this will take.

“DNS shutdown is not an automatic shutdown, it is actually a scheduled shutdown that is required to maintain and improve the stability of our DNS infrastructure,” the blog post said.

A spokesperson for the FCC told ABC News it was aware of the notice, and it was working to respond to customers.

The Federal Communications Commision has been in the process of developing rules that would require ISPs to allow their customers to control the DNS settings they use.

While the Federal Communications commission has previously said it wants to require ISPs not to block, throttle or degrade internet traffic, the proposed rules do not require any specific action.

The FCC said it had been working with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on a draft of the proposed rule.

It was not immediately clear whether the FCC was still reviewing the notice.

The FTC has been working to require Internet service providers to block and throttle the DNS requests of their customers.

“As the FCC works to create new rules that address the problem of blocking and throttling DNS requests by ISPs, the FTC will continue working with its counterparts in the telecommunications and consumer protection industries to ensure that these regulations do not stifle competition,” a spokesperson for FCC said.

The agency said it was also working with other federal and state governments to address the issue.

The first round of the FCC’s proposed rule will likely be released next week. ®

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