In a recent article on the website Cydia, a software developer discovered how to use the iOS 10.3 jailbreak to disable Apple’s VPN-like services.

The developer discovered that the VPN server would automatically be enabled if the user selected the option “enable VPN server” in Settings, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

“You will need to configure the VPN Server,” the developer said.

“This can be done by opening up Cydia Preferences, and then choosing the VPN Settings.

From there, make sure ‘Enable VPN Server’ is checked.

This will disable the VPN service if the connection is not set up properly.”

Cydia, like many other iOS 10 apps, has been updated with the new jailbreak.

However, this is the first time that Apple has enabled the VPN-style VPN feature on the iOS device.

This is an important step for developers that use the VPN feature to keep their apps compatible with iOS devices running iOS 10 or later.

The VPN server will be disabled if the iOS VPN client is not properly configured.

The developer added that users should only use VPNs on iOS devices that are set up correctly.

Apple has previously acknowledged the need for VPNs in order to prevent network traffic from being intercepted by third-party services, including the Tor anonymity network.

Users can disable the network by setting up the VPN servers manually or by using a VPN client.

The latest version of iOS 11 includes a feature called VPN Configuration Manager that enables users to choose whether they want the VPN to be enabled or not.

Users can set up VPN servers by clicking on the VPN icon in the Settings app, or by selecting the VPN from the app’s list of settings.iOS 11.3 will also be the first jailbreak update to disable VPNs, according to Apple.

Users of the latest iOS can download the jailbreak from Cydia’s Downloads page.

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