The Serie A new DNS changes have been implemented.

The changes are scheduled for an expected rollout in the next few weeks.

The rules change that the IP addresses of a server are assigned to a specific DNS server.

For example, the IP address of a domain in a domain name system (DNS) system like Google or Facebook would be assigned to the same server.

The new rules are aimed at preventing abuse of the existing system.

The DNS system for Italy, however, is currently using the old system for the IPs.

The change affects only the addresses assigned to servers in the same region.

A domain in Italy is a part of Italy, and so the changes are expected to have an impact on the addresses of those servers.

It will also affect all of the domains registered on those domains.

The old system used the IP ranges from the same regions as the domains.

These range were assigned by the DNS service provider (DPS) to the different servers, which were assigned to different DNS servers.

The system was in place for almost a decade before the new rules were implemented.

It is expected that the new system will still work for years to come.

The introduction of the new systems has caused some confusion for some users.

The current rules are for all the IP range from the two regions, so there is no confusion about whether it affects all the domains in the country or just a certain subset of them.

However, a number of users have been reporting that the rules are affecting some domains in their regions.

For instance, a user from a northern Italian city, who has not had the new changes implemented yet, is seeing some domain names in his city get changed.

For this reason, we’ve created a list of domains in that city which are affected by the new domain name changes.

It’s not possible to determine exactly how many of the affected domains are actually affected, because the IP blocks assigned to those domains are still being updated.

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